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What is New Vintage Streetwear? What is Streetwear? What is Street?

Oldskull Shirts USA is the premiere New Age Streetwear Brand.  Our shirts are Japanese inspired New Age Vintage Streetwear.  So what does that mean?

Is it old?
No, it’s new but the design is old. 
But you said Vintage, vintage is old, right?  
Well our designs are made to look old school. 
So it’s a New Old shirt? 
Yes, it’s new. 
You mean those trendsetting Streetwear styles I see in Japan? 
Yep, the trendsetting Japanese Streetwear shirts are what we use as our starting point. 
So I don’t have to order shirts from Japan? 
That’s right. These amazing shirts are available right here in the USA. (And all of North America)
Handmade shirts made with designer materials, these shirts look amazing and, unlike old vintage shirts, they don’t fall apart on you. Check out your new favorite shirt Oldskull Shirts USA