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Oldskull Shirts About Us


Oldskull Shirts was created to bring Vintage style Japanese Streetwear to the next level. Oldskull Shirts are high quality, handmade, designer shirts at affordable prices. Our creative new age vintage style is influenced by international vintage trends, and focused on the top quality available. These amazing shirts are now available In North America. OldSkull USA is more than a shirt, its a movement.  A movement to show the world you aren't part of the crowd.  This isn’t your Dad’s 30 year old Streetwear, this is the New Age of Streetwear. 

OldSkull Shirts Collections;

  • Oldskull Ultimate : オールドスカル Oldskull Ultimate 1982, the first collection of Oldskull design. Newage vintage outfitters is a slogan that we use for promote all t-shirt from this collection.
  • Oldskull Express : The softest, smoothest, best-looking t-shirt available anywhere. 
  • Oldskull Acid : The newest collection from Old Skull, created with the focus on the best designs.

If you want to be part of the OldSkull Shirts USA movement you can contact us directly at to sign up to keep in the know.  The best in all of North America.

OldSkull USA